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Conscious parenting is an approach to raising children rooted in mindful and intentional practices. It acknowledges that effective parenting involves being fully present and aware in interactions with your children, considering their emotions, thoughts, and developmental needs.  Conscious parenting involves creating a safe and nurturing space for open dialogue with your children, fostering exploration of their experiences and emotions. Much like talk therapy, it integrates a variety of evidence-informed parenting techniques, all grounded in the fundamental practice of intentional and constructive communication. This approach is flexible and empowering, providing a thoughtful and adaptable framework for addressing the unique needs of both parents and children. It seeks to cultivate a strong parent-child connection, promoting the well-being and holistic development of the child within a supportive family environment.

What to Expect in a Conscious Parenting Session

Conscious parenting sessions involve collaborative discussions between the therapist and parents, focusing on cultivating mindful and intentional parenting practices. These sessions may include exploring the parents’ values, beliefs, past experiences, and societal expectations influencing your parenting style. The aim is to develop effective communication, implement constructive discipline techniques, and create strategies for emotional regulation that align with your authentic parenting approach. This process fosters a deeper sense of self-awareness, contributing to the creation of a nurturing family environment that enhances the well-being and development of both parents and children.

Benefits to Experience from Conscious Parenting Therapy

Conscious parenting offers valuable insights for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their parenting approach and enhance satisfaction within family relationships. Benefiting all family members, whether directly or indirectly involved, it addresses various concerns. These encompass, but are not limited to, challenges in family communication, emotional and behavioural issues in children, sibling rivalry, and life transitions. It is an approach to parenting that offers many benefits:

  • Empowerment: Through intentional choices that align with your values, you foster a felt sense of control and confidence in your parenting approaches.
  • Emotional Regulation: Deepening your understanding and ability to navigate your own emotional states and those of your children, encouraging  a more emotionally attuned parenting style and harmonized family environment.
  • Healing Family Wounds: By intentionally reflecting on traditional cultural and generational parenting practices, you initiate movement toward breaking harmful cycles and promoting an approach that aligns with your individual parenting values.
  • Sense of Fulfillment: Discovering and acting in congruence to your authentic parenting expression provides the space to engage in meaningful connections, nurturing a deep and enriching bond within your family.
  • Inner Expansion: Cultivating self-compassion and learning to re-parent yourself to address early childhood experiences that may be negatively impacting your current parenting approaches.

75-minute Initial Intake: $210.00 + GST
50-minute Subsequent Sessions: $140.00 + GST
25-minute Follow-up Sessions: $70.00 + GST

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