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Understanding Children's Development

Understanding Children’s Behaviours

This presentation focuses on becoming curious about children’s behaviours. Nikkol discusses the meaning behind a child’s behaviour in order to better understand how to support and redirect their behaviour. Together you will explore brain development, the autonomic nervous system, temperament, possible goals of behaviour, and strategies for supporting and redirecting behaviour which include connection versus correction, discipline and boundary setting, and co-regulation. This presentation is designed for individuals working with children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old in diverse settings who are wanting to gain insight and knowledge towards supporting children’s development. 

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Intentional Mothering: Expressing Your Authentic Self Throughout Motherhood

This presentation focuses on the “how to be” rather than the “what to do” when exploring and navigating the act of mothering. There are many messages conveyed within society that dominate the discourse towards “good” and “bad” mothering practices that ultimately place judgement on one’s choices. This can lead to an internal dialogue that causes feelings of self-doubt, increased anxiety, and defeat in ability which affects one’s authentic expression of mothering. Together you will explore the dominate discourse of motherhood and how how it impacts your innate wisdom. This presentation is focused to those who are working towards a culture of care and wanting to gain insight and knowledge towards mothering as an action rather than a role. Thus, this presentation is designed for individuals who not only identify as a woman entering motherhood but also towards men and those without children but are supporting child development both professionally and/or personally within the community or family setting.

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Intentional Mothering: Expressing Your Authentic Self Throughout Motherhood

Managing Anxiety

(A Three Part Series)

Experiencing anxiety is a normal part of being human but too much anxiety may increase the distress in one’s life. Although it is not possible to get rid of anxiety, it is possible to learn how to manage anxiety in order to live well through the normal overwhelm experienced in life. These presentation are designed for individuals of all ages who are wanting to gain insight and knowledge towards understanding anxiety in their body, mind, and behaviours while building a relationship to their anxious experiences though regulating strategies.
This presentation is part one of three series for learning to be with our anxiety. Part one focuses on learning to recognize and move through the physical sensations of anxiety.
This presentation is part two of three series for learning to be with our anxiety. Part two focuses on identifying and changing our anxious mind set in order to reform our thinking styles into more helpful patterns. 
This presentation will be part three of three series. (in progress)

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“We often seek self-discovery in solitude,
but we also grow within community
and in relationship with others”


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Here2Help Community is a non-profit organization focused on innovative solutions to ensure the growth of resilient communities generations into the future. Their purpose is to create strong local connections through volunteer support, collaborative events, and online community events.

The YMCA Child Care Resource & Referral program helps families and child care providers get the support needed to raise happy, healthy kids. They offer resources, referrals, and training opportunities to their communities.

Langley Community Services Society Child Care Resource & Referral program assists parents in finding child care through referral services, while also supporting child care providers with information, outreach, a resource library, and networking opportunities.


“Nikkol Adams developed and delivered an engaging and valuable ‘Understanding Children’s Behaviours’ workshop for child care providers and parents. Her experiential approach reinforced learning and provided our participants with much to think about, including strategies to apply when working with children and families in their care.” – Program Manager, YMCA CCRR

“Nikkol has a kind, gentle and flexible approach when speaking to participants about potentially sensitive topics.” – Program Manager, YMCA CCRR

“We look forward to providing our community with more of Nikkol’s engaging and informative workshops.” – Program Manager, YMCA CCRR

“Nikkol put on an excellent event for us around understanding children, their development and their behaviours. She took us through a presentation around child development, their brains, ways a younger mind learns and lots more. The presentation was excellent and didn’t cater too heavily to only one kind of participant. We had parents, teachers, students, grandparents, etc, all attend. The information was presented in a way that was useful for many different groups of people all wanting to understand more about these ideas, and she left room for questions to get deeper into the ideas. Nikkol presents ideas in an easily digestible way to ensure the content is taken in by participants. We’re excited to have her host this and other workshops in the future!.” – Rian Bevan, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Here2Help

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