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Clinical Counsellor in BC, Canada offering In-person and Virtual Sessions

Investing in personal growth is a profoundly rewarding commitment, as it enhances self-awareness, increases confidence, and expands your resources, leading to greater fulfillment and happiness. By focusing on continuous learning and self-improvement, you can experience better mental, emotional, and physical well-being by fostering resilience, empathy, and better stress management. Ultimately, personal growth empowers you to lead a more motivated, inspired, and impactful life, making the investment in yourself truly worthwhile.

I offer individual Talk and Somatic Therapy sessions either online through Telehealth using the Jane App or in-person at Unit #407 – 15400 Croydon Drive Surrey, BC, V3S 0R7 within the MindBodyShen Integrated Medicine and Wellness Practitioners Clinic.

50-minute Session: $140.00 + GST
75-minute Session: $210.00 + GST
50-minute Session: $140.00 + GST
50-minute Session: $140.00 + GST
75-minute Session: $210.00 + GST

Contact Nikkol for further details on intensive EMDR sessions

75-minute Initial Intake: $210.00 + GST
50-minute Subsequent Sessions: $140.00 + GST
25-minute Follow-up Sessions: $70.00 + GST


Single Private Session: $80.00 + GST
Five Private Sessions: $360.00 + GST
Ten Private Sessions: $680.00 + GST

Semi-Private Groups (up to 8): $150.00 + GST
Each Additional Person: $20.00 + GST


As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), my services may be covered by your Extended Health Benefit Plans; however, plans vary and will depend on the package your employer has purchased from insurance companies.

To ensure you are covered for counselling services under your plan, consider the following steps:

        1. Consult your HR department to learn how to access the policy, which typically details the specifics of your company’s extended health plan. This information is often provided in a booklet, on a website, or via telephone;
        2. Examine the package to determine which therapist credentials are included in the insurance plan. Specifically, inquire about coverage for Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) Fees;
        3. Request details on the yearly maximum for counselling expense reimbursement, the deductible, and/or what percentage of the counselling fee is coveraged for each counselling session.
        4. If you have supplementary coverage through your spouse, follow the steps outlined above to inquire about their plan details. Determine whether their plan will reimburse the remaining total of services not covered by your own.

Gaining insight into your benefits package will empower you to make informed decisions when planning your path for healing and support. I do not provide direct billing and invoicing to Extended Health Benefit Plans. You will receive a receipt upon payment of services to submit for reimbursement.

No extended health plan coverage available?

I believe counselling and wellness services should be as accessible, affordable, and convenient as possible to all individuals who are experiencing life challenges and seeking support. Since the process and length of counselling can vary depending on your therapeutic goals and presenting concerns, I understand that financial restraints may arise during the process of getting started with counselling and wellness services. As a provider for the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP), the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), and Strengthening Abilities and Journeys of Empowerment (SAGE), I facilitate direct billing for individuals associated with these organizations. Proof of eligibility is required. Additionally, I extend support to those registered with Inkblot and Open Path, both organizations that provide affordable counselling services.


Approved Clinical Counsellor for Strengthening Abilities and Journeys of Empowerment


Approved Counselling Service Provider for Crime Victim Assistance Program


Approved Mental Health Provider for First Nation Health Authority


Approved Health Care Provider for  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia 

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