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My Journey

The practice of yoga extends far beyond its physical forms (asanas), delving into the intricate relationship between the mind, body, and spirit, guided by the natural flow of breath (pranayama) as a source of connection. It serves as a reflective space, freeing yourself from obstacles by learning from the past, strengthening the present, and creating a vision for the future. Yoga involves the entirety of one’s being – mind, body, and spirit – paving a pathway for conscious  and purposeful living.

My personal journey with yoga began in 2010, initially drawing me in through the physical expressions, a natural extension of my background in various dance forms. It became a means of maintaining physical health, preserving flexibility, and realigning my body, simultaneously offering a transformative space for internal healing and self-expression. However, the evolution of my yoga journey took a significant shift after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology. Feeling disconnected and drained from the pursuit of a counselling career, I delved into the philosophical, cultural, and scientific dimensions of yoga. This transformative exploration led me to a 7-day silent retreat centered on Vipassana, revealing meaningful insights into self-compassion, initiating life-changing self-discoveries as I rediscovered the meaning and purpose.

Becoming a certified yoga teacher marked a pivotal moment in my journey. Completing a 200hr Yoga Certified Teacher Training and a 200hr Yoga Immersion Certification Training with a focus on trauma-informed approaches, I aimed to share my insights and create intentionally safe spaces for others to nurture personal healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Driven by a desire to heal and transform my own relational patterns with self and others, this ongoing journey of self-discovery has deepened my understanding and appreciation for the holistic and balanced healing that arises through heart-centered transformation. While conventional talk therapy offers a space for self expansion, it is not the only path. My aspiration is to contribute to a holistic understanding of well-being, bridging the realms of science and spirituality.
Areas of Practice: Somatic Therapy and Talk Therapy

What to Expect

I offer private or small group yoga sessions with the intention of sharing the knowledge and insights of yoga, supporting your personal path towards wholeness. Through the weaving of intention, meditation, pranayama, and asana, my classes are designed to create an experience that unfolds conscious exploration of the body and mind through the harmonious dance of breath and movement. I guide in a way that encourages thoughtful and meaningful reflection, allowing individuals to personally experience the benefits of quieting the mind and forming a deeper connection with the body. Sessions are delivered in English and Sanskrit, adapting to individual needs by offering choices throughout the practice to accommodate all levels, abilities, and bodies.

Benefits to Experience

Yoga benefits all those seeking to form a profound self-connection encompassing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is an approach to self-healing that offers many benefits:
  • Inner Balance: Creating the capacity to maintain equilibrium and harmony within one’s emotional well-being, allowing for a steady and centred experience amidst life’s fluctuations.
  • Empathetic Insight: Provides the space to comprehend and navigate one’s own and others’ emotional selves, encouraging a harmonious and empathetic connection.
  • Physical Expansion: Intentional stretching and strengthening in yoga enhance flexibility, muscle endurance, and overall physical well-being, improving joint mobility for a resilient and agile body. This intentional expansion goes beyond exercise, embracing a holistic approach to physical health and vitality.
  • Sense of Oneness: Cultivating a felt sense of unity with the universe, nature, and all living things, transcending self-boundaries. This awareness extends beyond the physical, embracing a spiritual dimension.
  • Conscious Living: The practice of staying attuned to one’s thoughts, actions, and surroundings. Through mindful awareness, intentional choices are discovered that align with personal values, promoting a  way of being in the present moment.

Single Private Session: $80.00 + GST
Five Private Sessions: $360.00 + GST
Ten Private Sessions: $680.00 + GST

Semi-Private Groups (up to 8): $150.00 + GST
Each Additional Person: $20.00 + GST

Contact Nikkol for further details on booking yoga sessions

“The most meaningful relationship you’ll have,
is the one with yourself”

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